About Us

I grew up in a culture where making and repairing things was seen as part of everyday life, often a necessity. Creation was something that was both practical to learn but also extremely enjoyable.

When I moved to Hong Kong, I found that in the local culture practical skills such as sewing were not considered part of creative or academic skills.

I started Fabric Art to inspire creativity. I wanted to encourage curiosity about practical problem solving through fabric design and creation. Through this process, students learn to apply those very same skills in their academic skills.

In addition, our students learn to understand the differences between fabrics and the science behind it. They experiment with techniques to create exciting textile surfaces, including designing their own custom fabrics through various mediums. Weaving, dyeing, painting, block & screen-printing by hand, hand painting, silk painting, etc. are techniques that are all part of our fabulous curriculum at Fabric Art.

Working on various projects gives a fantastic opportunity to learn how to sew while making wearable clothing and accessories. The skill set gained during these projects is invaluable and inspires constant thinking about how, what, when to design and make.

As you can tell, I am passionate about creativity and innovative thinking. I am always looking to push boundaries, digging deeper and exploring further and I am looking to share this passion with all my students!