Today I  wanted to show  and share the instructions of three basic, super useful, hand stitches —  My students often struggle in the beginning and I feel it would be helpful so they can refer to this blog hereJ Plus they are a must for any beginner sewist.

But before I start I would like to demonstrate the way to tie a knot at the end of the thread after having threaded through the needle.


Attached find four useful step by step instructions. Hope that helps.


Turn and insert thread in the loop

Pull the two ends of the thread and secure a tight knot.



This is probably the simplest hand stitch or a basic stitch a beginner will start with.  I usually start off my students with this and use it myself for basting slippery fabric together or even if need for gathering. Bring your needle up from the wrong side, and then put it back down again. That’s it! Keep going until you’ve stitched as far as you’d like, then knot your thread on the wrong side.


This stitch is probably the sturdiest of hand-stitches out there. Actually it can be used for hand-sewing permanent seams. I teach this stitch to my students especially when we work on hand sewing projects. We have even sewn zippers using back stitch!


First bring your needle up to the right side of the fabric. Make one first sitch, slightly in front of the start of the seam. Then, put your needle through the fabric, behind where it came up, and bring it up again a stitch length in front. This backwards motion is what gives the stitch its name. Keep working the stitch until you’ve reached the end of the seam; knot your thread, and your done!


The most common blanket stitch is one used for applique or joining two raw fabric edges together. It gives a nice clean look.

Thread the needle and make a knot to secure. I prefer starting from the left side of the fabric. Bring the thread up from the back so the knot is hidden. If you are working with two layers of fabric, bring the thread up between the layers to hide the knot.

To start take the thread around to the back of the fabric and bring it up to the front again in the same place. Now from the front take a stitch approx ¼” to the right.

Bring the needle up and then loop the thread over the needle. Pull the needle and tighten the loop.

Continue sewing stitches to the right until your edge is finished and then secure with a knot.

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